May Theme: Operation Organization 101

Oh My! Handmade May Theme: Operation Organization 101

Let’s face it, things pile up. To-do’s like paperwork, bills and daily chores plus stuff take up space until suddenly it doesn’t feel like we have room to think let alone make new plans.  This May we’re setting off on a month long clutter-busting operation to ORGANIZE EVERYTHING! From our thoughts, to our desktops, to our websites – we’re going to tidy away and make space to think + work + grow while having fun.

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1. Commit to clutter-busting

Publicly declare the top 3 things in your life or business you want to get organized by the end of the month by commenting below, we’ll cheer you on!

2. Submit to our Organization 101 theme by May 15th

Share ideas and inspiration for organizing our lives + work whether it is getting ready for a craft show/event, planning an editorial calendar, filing taxes or just getting all the thoughts out of your head without exploding. We’re looking for posts that:

  • Show us how you organize and keep your business/life running smoothly
  • Inspire us to tackle something big by making a good plan
  • Share tutorials or printables for getting organized
  • Take us on a tour of your workspace or organizational system
  • Round up a list of applications or resources to keep us on track
  • Share a before/after of a workspace or organization makeover
  • Spotlight a maker or entrepreneur who has an organizational super power
  • Have a great idea? Submit it!


3. Stay inspired to get stuff done together

Maybe you are secretly hiding the answer someone else has been looking for! Post your workspaces, colour coded to-do lists, weekly meal plans & neatly filed papers or however else you are staying on track by tagging them #OMHG on Twitter or Instagram.

Members, come find us in the community forums for weekly to-dos, organizational challenges & peer accountability! Learn about membership here. 

We are also getting organized as a community after an unbelievable start to our Annual General Party where lots of us dug right into planning the first online co-op for creatives together. Stay tuned for plenty of updates & exciting news this month! We are only at the beginning stages and now it is time to turn enthusiasm into a concrete plan so behind the scenes we’ll also be hard at work. Our party is only getting started so click here to find out about our AGP,  take the community survey & find out why we want you to get involved as we make history.

Operation Organization OMHG


  1. Cody says:

    My top three things I need to tackle:

    Bookkeeping – I slacked last month. Ugh. Playing catch up is the worst.
    Getting my studio tidy.
    Finish purging the house. Already purged masterbedroom, and my sons room, and my studio. Now for the clutter in the living rooms, dining room and kitchen.

    So excited for this month’s theme, it aligns perfectly with my mood of clean and clutter free right now!

  2. Shawna Miller says:

    This is a perfect theme for this month! My husband and I have been tackling our house each weekend. It’s number 1 on my list to purge and organize! 2. My studio closet/crafty stuff stashed in the garage! 3. Yesterday I tackled my biz books so I can mark it off the list!

  3. Anne says:

    Of all the things I need right now, I could definitely use a month of organization!!!

    My top 3 things:
    1) Solidify my goals, create a plan then start making it happen. I’ve got a bazillion ideas in my mind and not much focus (to blog or not to blog, newsletter, product ideas, etc). Time to write it all out and see what feels right… then go for it!
    2) Make my work space clean, put together and happy again.
    3) Get going on my sister’s baby shower plans. So excited to be an aunt!

  4. I love this! I am actually a “professional” organizer (I only have one client so I don’t know what that means). I love everything organization. My top three organizing priorities for this month are:
    1. My home office (almost there)
    2. My marketing plan
    3. My downstairs closet (has all my boyfriend’s tools… ugh…)
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  5. Lisa Jacobs says:

    I’m up for this challenge! I’m bouncing back after a big start to the year + burnout + much needed personal time. Here’s what I’m committing to getting organized by May 31:

    1. I have a super fun project that needs my love and attention through its final stages. I’ll have that out by the end of the month.
    2. I’m going to organize my schedule to balance more family & me time in.
    3. I’m going to get my Etsy shop restocked and breathe some new life into the business.

    Thanks for the extra accountability!

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