Why does goodness matter to you?

#OMHG Question of the Week , Academy of Goodness

What do you define goodness as?

Why does goodness matter to you, your community, and our world?

How can we cultivate goodness in our every day lives?

Who inspires you to think, do, and be good?

Dictionaries define goodness as “the quality or state of being good” from the Old English godnes meaning “goodness, virtue, kindliness”. The idea of goodness is in many Buddhist, Islamic, and Christian teachings and been passed on by modern leaders like Ghandi, Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama. But what exactly is goodness anyway and what does it mean to be good?

Gather up here in the comments of this post, at our #OMHG chat, or in our member community to share your answers to this week’s question and find out why goodness matters to each of us. 

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  1. Cody says:

    Living an intentional life & embracing the goodness around you is so important to a happy, fulfilled life! By looking for the good always you are able to surround yourself with positive things, people, quotes, art, moments, making the quality of your life better & helping you to cope easier with negative experiences. People who embrace the goodness also often tend to have a huge impact in the lives of others, inspiring them, motivating them, and cheering them on!

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